Strength is also stopping to nourish, restore, and align yourself.”

~ Lalah Delia


Yoga therapy is a personalized approach to relieving your pain and discomfort, improving your flexibility, strength, alignment, and developing the ability to minimize stress.

Feel more relaxed and connected to what brings you joy and contentment. Be empowered on your own healing journey as you actively engage on a path to recovery and well-being. 

Yoga has always been a holistic healing modality that offers many tools for supporting health, healing and personal transformation. Yoga therapy considers the body a holistic entity that comprises different elements - physical body, breath, mind, and emotions that are mutually dependent on and mutually influence one another.

Yoga therapists act as guides, selecting tools for recovery and healing. Learn relaxation practices which include breathing exercises, mindfulness training, and various forms of meditation. It also includes a physical program that supports building stability, increasing mobility, balance, stretching, and improving self and body awareness through gentle exercises, postures, movement, and breathing.

The healing process is very comprehensive and extremely specific to each individual.


"I have much better posture and alignment and really, I feel more at ease." ~ Catherine

"So happy to be sleeping through the night and then waking up full of energy and focus." ~ David

"... and I can recognize and cope with the frustration and fear of my disease." ~ Joyce

"The yoga therapy has helped me to handle my anxieties and also my work stress." ~ Stephen

"...now I manage my trauma triggers instead of letting them take control of me." ~ Frederick




Personalized treatment plans with diagrams and directions
No minimum fitness, age or health requirements
Self-empowerment. Actively participate in your own self-care  
Improve sleep quality
Reduce pain and discomfort
Feel more at home in your body
Reduce stress
Enhance quality of life
Improve stability, strength, flexibility and mobility
Increase circulation
Regulate heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate
Increase emotional stability and confidence
Reduce panic attacks, anxiety, fear and depression
Increase level of alertness and sharpness of mind